Life Coaching

Welcome to Seed To Fruit Life Coaching!

What I love about life coaching is that I get to create a space to listen and help people get out of their own way to get unstuck and reach their goals.

I help identify blocks and equip my clients with strategies to see a different angle to get transformation.

My mission with Seed to Fruit Life Coaching is to partner with you to reach your goals & full potential through self-inquiry & strategies that create life-changing results. I focus on healing from trauma, anxiety & grief support.

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All communication between us will be held as strictly confidential, to the extent permitted by law, unless the client gives express permission to disclose specific information. However, the coach-client relationship is not privileged & the coach may be required to disclose confidential information in a legal proceeding. In the event there is evidence that the client is a potential danger to him/herself & others, or that the client discloses illegal activity, the coach is ethically bound to report this information to the appropriate authorities. In such cases, this will be discussed with the client before taking action.


As a coach, Rachel Gucker is committed to operating in a professional manner and maintains the ethical standards set by the International Coach Federation, the Board Certified Coach, and Covenant Coach Academy.